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Welcome to this quick guide on how to set up, install and use a Remote Library.

This feature became available for Askida CT starting from version 2.5.0.

To get started you first need to make sure you have the proper user rights to access the Remote Library feature within Askida CT.

To learn how to do this please visit the "User Management" page.

Adding a New Remote Library

To add a new Remote Library, click on the main menu of Askida CT, You should be able to see an option called "Remote Library", if you are unable to see this option, contact your Askida CT admin operator to install the library for you or, to give you the rights to do so yourself.

Once you've clicked on "Remote Libraries", Askida CT will take you to the Remote Library Management section where you will be able to add a new remote library. 

Click on the  button to add a new remote library. 

Askida CT will take you to the Remote Library details from to add the remote library to your project.

Remote Library Details

The following details are necessary for a remote library to be properly added into Askida CT.


The name must always include the portion "Remote_". Otherwise Askida CT will not recognize the remote library and it will not be added to Askida CT or usable. 

Remote Location

The remote location depends on the server or place in which the remote library is located.

If you have the direct link, this can be used.

If you have the ip Address this can also be used.

Press on the  to learn more about this section.

Test Button.

Click on this button  to test the connection between the remote library you just added and Askida CT, if the connection is successful a message should be displayed like this: 

If the connection is unsuccessful then we strongly suggest to double check that the Remote Location of the library is correct.

The connection can also be tested after the library has been added by pressing the same button but this time located in the "Actions" section of the remote library listed in the Management Panel.

Time Out

The time out sets up how long should Askida CT should wait between the moment the connection is requested between Askida CT and the Remote library and the time in which the connection is interrupted.

Setting this time out shorter than the time it takes to execute a script or keyword may cause that the remote library is disconnected before being used, it is recommended to consider this when setting up the time out.

Press on the  to learn more about this section.


In this section you can detail the uses for this remote library.

Cancel button

The cancel button  located on the bottom left-hand of the screen will cancel the input of the remote library.

Add Another

Tag this section to automatically reopen this form to enter another Remote Library.

Save button

Save the remote library into the Remote Library Management Panel.

Synchronizing a Remote Library

Just by adding a remote library to the Remote Library Management Panel, it does not mean that the library is ready to be used.

For the library to become enabled Askida CT needs to synchronize its libraries with the newly added remote library so that it can also be displayed in the scripting panel.

To synchronize a remote library simply click the synchronize button  located in the Actions section of the newly added remote library.

If the synchronization is successful a message should be displayed as follows: 

Note that the name in bold letters is the name given to the remote library when added to Askida CT.

Once the synchronization is over, the section labeled "Last Successful Synchronization" within the Remote Library Management Panel should display the date in which the last synchronization was performed.

Accessing the Library in the Scripting Panel

To access the remote library while scripting a testing step, simply type the word "Remote" in the input field when adding a keyword and Askida CT will automatically list the available and synchronized remote libraries for you to choose the keyword you wish to use.

Once a keyword from the remote library has been added Askida CT also displays an icon that resembles a satellite dish

Click on this icon for Askida CT to take you to the Remote Library Management Panel where you can make changes, re-synchronize or delete a remote library.

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